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 Pro Torpedo Rijeka non-governmental organisation for the promotion and preservation of the city industrial heritage was founded in the year 2003 as the first NGO devoted to the industrial heritage in the Republic of Croatia. The Organisation endeavours to spread the awareness of the value of Rijeka industrial heritage by its research in the local as well as international context, by organising discussions, public lectures and conferences, expert tours of the sites, also by public media and publishing activities.

The activities of the Pro Torpedo organisation are not helped by the transitional period in the Croatian society, due to which the industrial heritage has to pay an unacceptable price all too often, also not benefitting by the fact that Pro Torpedo is the only national NGO of such an orientation as we are still waiting for the emergence of sister organisations in other Croatian cities. We hope that with the time we can be gratified by positive news in this regard, namely, the wished for emergence of the synergic network of Croatian NGOs of this kind.

Believing that each recognised, preserved and, in the best of scenarios, converted object of the industrial heritage is a valuable asset for one’s own milieu, Pro Torpedo is making efforts to be as encouraging as possible with such activities. Members of the Organisation are not limited in this work by their profession, age or any other qualification; they express their concern for the industrial heritage by following their own area of interest.  The concept of torpedo in the name of the

Organisation does not only appear as a point of symbolic reference to the possibly most valuable and attractive part of the story of Rijeka industrial heritage, but as a synonym for the totality of that story, referring to a rich variety of Rijeka technical and industrial experiences. In the working practice, this means dealing with topics such as shipbuilding and maritime heritage, torpedo heritage, architecture and construction, metal, power and food industry, road construction, water resources management, rope manufacturing plant, paper-mill, sugar refinery, lubricants manufacturing industry, etc., whereby striving to recognize their values from the aspect of tangible and intangible heritage.

What speaks of the good results is a good reception of Pro Torpedo activities in our own milieu, where the awareness of the value of industrial heritage has visibly grown since the founding of the Organisation. Experts do not lag behind, of which six biennial international conferences initiated in the year 2003 and held on the topic of industrial heritage can testify. Scientific and expert contributions published in the conference proceedings nowadays often provide a basis for the evaluation of industrial heritage in Rijeka and in Croatia.


Pro Torpedo is moving forward, join us!


Velid Đekić,

president of the Pro Torpedo NGO

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