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Notification of postponement of the 9th conference


Dear participants of the 9th International Conference and dear friends,

as you may have seen so far in your own countries, the viral epidemic has disrupted many plans. As organizers of the 9th International Conference on Industrial Heritage in Rijeka, we were very pleased with the announcement of your participation. Unfortunately, the current situation is such that we cannot be certain if there will be functioning conditions for the regular conference before the 22nd of May 2020.
Therefore we have concluded that it is advisable to postpone the conference, primarily for the health and safety of the participants.
We will inform you of the new date of the conference later.

Velid Đekić,
president of the organization committee

2018. Conference

Konferencija 2018.



Participation fee:

IBAN: HR3924020061100407193

Participation fee for all participants:
500 kn (70 euros) (until 24 May 2018)
Students 50 kn (7 euros)
Pensioners 250 kn (35 euros)


from left to right:
Benčić complex, Torpedo exhibition, Trsat castle, Faculty of civil engineering, Student’s restaurant